The Tale of the Great Shoe Deal

October 15, 2009

Today, I bought myself a pair of black, Dansko mary-jane's.
And had buyers remorse...bad.
So I called and left my friend (we'll call her, Tiffany) a message, asking for her advice.
In fact I said, "please help convince me that I made the right choice."
She called me back almost immediately. Shoe emergencies are serious business, even for busy moms like us.
Her questions included the style, brand, color and price.
All of which I told her.
And then, to my utter amazement and thankfulness beyond measure, she told me we could find the same shoes for half price.
"Half price?! New?!"
We hung up the phone.
She dialed Nordstrom Rack.
I sat on the couch anticipating her returned call...

which came not 20 minutes later.
"They're there," she said. "I put them on hold."
I gasped. "For real?"
"For real. When do you want me to pick you up?"

She's picking me up at 7.
I'm returning the old, new pair, tomorrow morning...
and getting a refund which will save me a total of $70.
No kidding.

Great story, huh? One to make my mother proud.

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