I'll Miss That Damn Dog

December 19, 2009

Okay, so...here it goes...
I gave away Redwood today.
That was hard to write. Hard to say. Still in shock.
Red just wasn't acclimating to Ella that well. Jumpy. Nervous. Made Eric and I uncomfortable.
I'm sitting here thinking about how much better of a dog owner I could have been to Red. She was a good dog; intelligent with a big heart. Can't help but feel like I failed her a little.
But I have to remember, she's still alive and in good hands. She's got a back yard and they're setting up a doggy-door. Once Red forgets where she's been, she'll start enjoying where she is.
It's me who will have the hardest time. For three 1/2 years, Redwood has grown to be a part of my identity. I've got a theory about dogs looking like their owners - it's really the other way around. I started looking like Redwood - I started wearing her colors. Not on purpose of course, but she was a great influence in the way she wore her brown and black hide.
I'm not going to miss her, I already do. She was a great dog. The best dog I ever had. Wanted to share my life with her for the rest of hers. Things don't always turn out as planned.
So there you have it. One more dog to add to the list of dogs I've lived with in my relatively short life. Another great one whose name when mentioned will always bring a smile to my face while I simultaneously feel punched in the gut.
There you have it.

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  1. That is a terribly tough decision to make...but you did what was best for her. Brad and I had to find a new home for a dog a year and half ago, and while her new "mom" absolutely spoils her, I balled when we had to take her and drop her off. I still get emails and photos from her new mom every now and again and it makes me happy to see how happy they make each other.