Thanksgiving & More

December 5th, 2009

So much time has passed since I wrote a blog post! I've been super busy, as some of you may have noticed.
For instance, I'm working like crazy connecting with home birth moms and posting their beautiful stories at the blog I am in the process of creating, Bring Birth Home.
Tonight, Eric is in a meeting in the office and Ella is fast asleep. I figured, it's now or never! I better write at my online journal!
So, a little bit about our first Walker Thanksgiving, to start:
We had over Eric's co-worker/team member, Didi. She is so great with Ella and helped out a lot that day by playing with her so I could cook. We laughed a lot that day.
It was my first time cooking a Thanksgiving feast, and our first "official" family holiday - just us (plus a guest). Having everything go smooth was important to me.
And thank heavens, everything went wonderfully. All the dishes I prepared turned out fantastic, especially, my pride and joy, the pumpkin pie I whipped up from a real live pumpkin! (which by the way was the first thing to go - we ate all but one piece which we finished off the very next morning with our first cup of coffee)
We got SO full. Doesn't everyone? It was great. Lots of fun.
The next day for lunch, dinner, and the next day for lunch, and dinner...we ate turkey sandwiches. I think for four days straight we had turkey sandwiches, alternating between open face and closed with stuffing, cheddar and cream cheese. YUM.

In other news, Ella Rose turned 10 months old yesterday! I can't believe it. She is growing up so fast before my very eyes. It was already 2 months shy of a YEAR ago that I gave birth to her. It feels like I blinked and here we are. Whew.
That said, I am so proud of her, and so much more in love with her every single day. She is a complete joy to be around and is developing quite the little sassy, energetic, sweet sweet personality. Looking forward to our return home for all of you to enjoy her. Her presence will light up your life.

Things are going very well for Eric with work. He's super busy right now, but it's good. Hard though...he's been up almost all night for a few nights now going over layouts with Indian designers (the time difference is 10 hours). He's handling it like a champ though!

Next weekend we're taking a trip about two hours away to visit a college of Eric's who has...HORSES! That I get to RIDE! I am SO excited! (can you tell??) Haha. Ella is going to have a blast too. She's already a little animal lover, as I'm sure you could tell with our most recent video, she's infatuated with our dog Redwood.

That's all for now folks!

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